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Welcome to V Mail Server

V Mail Server (VMS) is a small SMTP Server designed for home or small business use. It is very easy to use and was designed with Virus and Spam checking in mind.

poop is a POP3 server that will easily work with VMS. The latest version of VMS contains a script to forward incomming mail to poop.

I Need Feedback!
I need to know what you think of VMS! What could be improved? What problems have you had with it?

Please tell me what you think of VMS. Feedback Form

How does it work?
1. VMS waits for incoming mail from clients or other SMTP Servers and stores the mail on the hard disk
2. A custom script is run. This script can do anything with the mail.

  The script will probably do as follows:
  1. Check the mail to see if it is SPAM.
  2. Check if it containts a virus.
  3. Forward the mail to a Post office (ie another SMTP server, POP3 server,IMAP4 server)
     If you're looking for a POP3 server, then poop will work well with VMS

How do you check for SPAM or a Virus?
You can check for SPAM with the fantastic open source package Spam Assassin. Soon I will release documentation on how to install Spam Assassin and get it working with VMS.
To check for a virus you will need a third party virus scanner (ie Sophos).

Try it
If you're still reading this far down the page then you're probably interested in VMS, so the best thing to do is to download it and try it out. You can either goto the Downloads section or you can get the latest source code from the CVS.

Check the News Section to find out the status of the project.

Any feedback would be great, Feedback Form