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Jun 10, 20002Beta 3 has been released. Includes script for sending mail to poop POP3 server
Mar 8, 20002Beta 2 has been released. Now runs on FreeBSD and some fixes
Feb 17, 20002VMS now runs on FreeBSD, thanks Joerg! (You will need to get the CVS copy until Beta 2 is released)
Jan 24, 20002I've update the website and a newer version of VMS is out
Jan 8, 20002CVS is up and running
Jan 7, 20002I have put up a later build with a few small fixes. Also added a Todo page
Jan 5, 20002I have released Alpha 1 in SF Downloads. CVS should be up in a few days.
Jan 3, 20002The project is just getting started, the source code and full website will be up soon

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